CVS Tracking Nail Polish Remover Sales

You’ll now need an ID to buy the product, which the retailer said could be used to make meth.

Credit: Flickr user Katie Brady
Credit: Flickr user Katie Brady

By Whitney Teal

Add nail polish remover to the list of common household chemicals that could, potentially, maybe, in theory be used to make methamphetamine, an illegal drug. CVS announced this week that it would require identification to purchase removers containing acetone, according to NBC4 Washington.

The retailer said the ingredient could be used to make the drug, commonly referred to as crystal meth or just meth.

"Our policy limits the sale of these products in conjunction with other methamphetamine precursors and is based on various regulations requiring retailers to record sales of acetone," CVS Public Relations Director Mike DeAngelis told NBC.

There are three CVS stores in the Burke-area, located at: 9582 Old Keene Mill Road in Burke, 5711 Burke Centre Parkway in Burke and 8928 Burke Lake Road in Springfield.

The pharmacy will scan the drivers licenses of customers buying nail polish remover and track the sales of the product, NBC reported. Sales will be denied to customers trying to purchase multiple bottles in one day.

national policy and registry already limits the sell of cough and allergy medications containing  pseudoephedrine, an ingredient that law enforcement officials previously said was being used to make meth.


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