New CrossFit Gym Opens in Burke

The gym offers coach-led classes and individual sessions among its amenities.

A new gym, CrossFit Burke, just opened in the community on Dec. 16. Photo courtesy of CrossFit Burke.
A new gym, CrossFit Burke, just opened in the community on Dec. 16. Photo courtesy of CrossFit Burke.

Burke residents who made 2014 New Year’s resolutions to get fit this year are in luck: a new gym just opened in the Burke community.

CrossFit Burke opened on Dec. 16, according to owner Jamie Gallagher. The gym, which is located at 5589 Guinea Rd., aims to offer its members a unique fitness program designed to help them reach their fitness goals.

“The CrossFit Burke community is one of fitness-minded folks who have a personal interest in CrossFit Burke and the other CrossFit Burke members. CrossFit Burke is driven by its members and led by its coaches,” said Gallagher. 

CrossFit’s program combines functional movements such as dead lifts and cleans, body weight exercises like push-ups, sit-ups and pull-ups, and traditional aerobic exercises like running and rowing for high intensity daily workouts.

“Each Workout of the Day (WOD) in CrossFit parlance is different. The exercises may be the same or similar but the way it is programmed and combined with other movements is what makes it different and effective,” said Gallagher.

Members can work with coaches who have top-level certifications in the fitness industry, according to Gallagher, in either group classes or individual one-on-one sessions to complete the workout of the day or WOD. Each of the coach-led classes lasts one hour and begins with a warm-up session and ends with a mobility and stretching routine.

“This template is tried and true. It works,” said Gallagher about the classes. “The WOD's are performed at a high intensity. This is where the results are felt and eventually seen, whether in weight loss, strength gains, athletic skills gained or a better quality of life achieved." 

The one-on-one sessions, Gallagher said, are great for people who want extra attention for advance weightlifting and beginners who feel classes may be too much at first. 

“Most of our one-on-one clients who do not begin in CrossFit classes end up in them. The community aspect and the shared experience attracts them to it,” said Gallagher.

In addition to the classes and coaches, the gym features amenities such as a lounge area, which members can use to socialize with each other or charge their cell phones. 

What separates CrossFit from other gyms in the area and should appeal to new members, Gallagher said, is the inclusive and supportive atmosphere of the community.

“CrossFit Burke is different from typical globo-gyms like Gold's and Life Time because we care about the members who enter our doors. Each member is important to us and not just a dollar sign, said Gallagher. “At CrossFit Burke, we want our members to show up regularly. This is a key way goals are met and gains made in their fitness. CrossFit gyms are built and thrive on the community inside their gym. The community of members is the lifeblood and energy that feeds into itself.”

The social atmosphere of CrossFit is also enhanced by the community board, which lists events and goals from members.

“This is a great way of sharing ideas, events, and says to their community ‘this is my goal, hold me accountable,’ ‘this is my event, come join me or cheer me on,’“ said Gallagher.

Currently, CrossFit Burke is offering the Founding Members rate at $170 a month for individuals with a six-month contract and $300 a month for couples with a six-month contract. The Founding Members rate is only available for a limited time.

Gallagher said he hopes the sense of community and CrossFit program will appeal to Burke residents and give CrossFit Burke a try.

“At the end of the day, I want people to get out and exercise. It does not have to be CrossFit. I hope if you do exercise, you do CrossFit, and if you do CrossFit, I hope you choose CrossFit Burke,” said Gallagher.

CrossFit Burke is offering a free introductory class on Saturdays to help residents decide if CrossFit is right for them. To sign up, residents can call 703-543-8589 or e-mailing info@crossfitburke.com.

To learn more about CrossFit Burke, visit their website or Facebook page.

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