Save Money and Energy: Winterize Your Home

Ten winter energy saving tips from Virginia Dominion Power.

Dominion Power presented ten energy saving winter weather tips on their website.  In summary:

  1. Lower your thermostat to 68 degrees.
  2. Seal air leaks.
  3. Seal off fireplaces.
  4. Seal duct work.
  5. Lower water heater to 120-125 degrees.
  6. Change furnace filters every month.
  7. Weatherstrip doors and windows.
  8. Insulate water pipes coming from the water heater.
  9. Add an insulation blanket to water heater.
  10. Add insulation to attic.

Weatherstripping and other insulation supplies may be purchased in Burke at and .

What do you do around your home to save energy?  Tell us in the comments.


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