Top 10 Most-Read Stories on Burke Patch in April

Which stories grabbed the attention of Burke residents in April?

May has finally arrived. Here's a look back at the top 10 stories on Burke Patch in April.

10. Businesses Offering Tax Day Freebies 2013

Burke residents were happy to enjoy Tax Day with with a few freebies courtesy of local businesses who were offering discounts to ease thee pain of filing taxes. The story was popular enough to land in our top 10 for the month.

9. West Springfield Teens Plead No Contest to 'Unlawful Filming' in Child Pornography Case

The results of the child pornography charges brought against three teenage boys from West Springfield High School for recording cellphone video of themselves performing sexual acts with six girls was the ninth most-read story for April.

8. Firefighters Rescue Dog from Townhouse Fire in Burke

A dog was rescued from a townhouse fire in Burke on April 15 by Fairfax County firefighters. The firefighters found the dog in the rear bedroom. The dog suffered burns and smoke inhalation and was transported to a veterinary facility by Animal Control for treatment.

7. Fairfax County: Lost Sheep Up for Adoption If Not Claimed by April 24

In one of the weirdest stories of the month, a group of four sheep were found running around the Centreville area. Fairfax County Police Animal Control alerted the public about the missing sheep in the hopes that an owner would come forward. If not, the sheep would be put up for adoption.

6. Former Fairfax County Police Officer from Burke Convicted of Forcibly Sodomizing Ex-Girlfriend

Burke resident and former Fairfax County police officer James Craig Summers, 56, was found guilty on April 11 of forcibly sodomizing his ex-girlfriend back in 2009.

5. Police Release Video of Potential Serial Groper Suspect

Rounding out our top five of the month, Fairfax County police released a video on April 1 of a man who may be the person some people call the Fairfax County serial groper. The video was releeased four days after a possible 24th attack happened in Kingstowne in Alexandria.

4. Which Post Office Is Open Late April 15?

With last-minute preparations for Tax Day expected to increase the number of customers at the post office, this story identifying a Fairfax County post offie staying open late for the April 15 federal tax filing deadline caught the attention of Burke residents to be the number four most-read story of April.

3. Lyrid Meteor Shower 2013 Peak: Where and When to Watch

The Lyrid meteor shower, which peaked on April 21 and 22, was popular with  Burke residents hoping to catch a meteor shower show in April.

2. Burke Caribou Coffee Plans Revealed

In April, Caribou Coffee announced plans to close 80 underperforming locations across the country and convert more than 80 shops to Peet’s Coffee & Tea locations. An employee at the Caribou Coffee at 8948 Burke Lake Road told Patch the location would become a Peet's Coffee & Tea in the fall.

1. Body Found in Burke Lake Park

The most-read story in April on Burke Patch was about a body found in Burke Lake Park. The body of an adult male was found in the park by a park employee in what was an apparent suicide.

Are there any stories from April you recall reading on Burke Patch that you think should have made the list? Are there any Burke stories we missed?


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