Christmas Eating Crickets — A New Family Tradition

Holiday recipes that you didn't get from mom, in this blogger spotlight.

Crickets for a holiday treat. Patch File Photo
Crickets for a holiday treat. Patch File Photo
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Patch blogger Brett Lieberman recently shared his idea for a low-carb, low-fat holiday treat: crickets. We had our doubts.

Yet, judging by YouTube videos, this may be a new family pastime right up there with caroling and ugly Christmas sweaters. Clips show people eating crickets by the Christmas tree, with family and friends laughing in the background or at the table or counter after finding crickets in their stockings.

There's one video included with this post, also check out: 
"Christmas with the family … eating crickets" 
"Eating crickets and worms on Christmas Eve"
"Christmas … eating crickets"
and "Eating a Cricket" (A Christmas gift to a pastor)

"Insects offer some unique advantages: They are low in carbohydrates, fat and calories. They are also high in protein and iron and calcium," writes Lieberman, the owner of My Pest Pros and Mosquito Terminators of Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia.

Watch out Santa, those aren't cookies you're getting this Christmas Eve.

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