Letter to the Editor: In Support of Col. Perkins

A Burke resident encourages other voters to consider Col. (Ret.) Chris Perkins for Congress.

To The Editor:

For nearly two decades now Congressman Gerry Connolly (D-VA) has held elected office – first as a member of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, later as its Chairman and now as a United States Representative. During this time he’s morphedfrom a man who truly represents the people in his constituency to one so worried about maintaining his political legacy and prestige that he won’t stop at anything to win re-election on Tuesday.

The worst of these attacks is Congressman Connolly’s comment recently that his Republican opponent, Colonel (Ret) Chris Perkins, isn’t qualified to serve in elected office because he hasn’t put in enough “sweat equity” in his local community.

Colonel Perkins may not have spent much time in the 11th District over the pasttwenty years – but that’s because he was deployed overseas as an officer in the United States Army, chasing down scud missiles during the first Gulf War or hunting down terrorists in Kosovo and Bosnia. Colonel Perkins has given more back to this great nation in his 24 years of service than most, including Congressman Connolly.

It’s time we had a true leader fighting for us in Washington – Colonel Chris Perkins.

Patricia Dell
Burke, Virginia


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