Letter to the Editor: Serving as an Election Officer

NVCC student John Corker discusses the importance of citizens serving as election officers.

My name is John Corker and I’m a student at the Annandale campus of . On Super Tuesday I had the pleasure of serving my community, the party of my choice and my country all while earning $100 at the same time.  I worked as an election officer.

In that capacity, I helped set-up and run the polls and facilitated the check-in process for voters.  Every team is assigned a knowledgeable, experienced chief who will mentor all first time officers. I myself felt very comfortable asking the chief questions if I was unclear on anything. 

As a college student aiming for a career in politics, this was a fantastic experience.  I learned of the opportunity to become an election officer through the Fairfax County Republican Committee, where I intern throughout the week. 

All that's necessary to become an election officer is to complete the county's Election Officer Application Form attend a three hour training.

Once you are certified, you are free to pick and choose any election you wish to participate in for the next four years. I believe levelheaded individuals who serve as election officers are essential to the integrity and justice of the entire voting system. I think it's important for any patriot, regardless of political affiliation, to get involved in hands-on projects concerning the future of our country. 

John Corker, Springfield, VA 22152


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