Canine Officer Captures Suspect in Stolen Vehicle Case Near Lake Braddock

Lake Braddock Secondary School administrators were told to secure the building during the incident

A canine officer tracked down a suspect in a stolen vehicle case this morning near Lake Braddock Secondary School.

"It was a stolen vehicle that was stopped in that area and the driver bailed out," Fairfax County Police PIO said. "Our helicopter and one of our canine teams responded with a bunch of patrol officers. The canine eventually got him. The dog tracked [the suspect] to a home in that area...The officer found the suspect hiding in a shed in the backyard."

During the incident, the police asked the Lake Braddock administration to secure the school and keep anyone from going in and out of the building. An e-mail was sent out to parents explaining the situation.

The e-mail said: "We wanted our parents to be aware of what happened at Lake Braddock earlier today. Shortly after 10:00 AM, we were directed to move into a “Secure the Building” mode in response to an incident in the Lake Braddock community. We were instructed to do so by the FCPD and School Security as a precaution.  We were able  to maintain our regular schedule with the exception of classes that were held outside of the building (PE and In-House Field Trips). The entire event lasted less than an hour and we resumed a normal status at approximately 11:00."


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