Fairfax County Police Investigating High School 'Sexting' Ring

More than 100 message shared through iMessage, Twitter and Snapchat, NBC-4 reports.

FCPD confirms they are investigating a 'sexting' ring in Fairfax County. Patch archive photo
FCPD confirms they are investigating a 'sexting' ring in Fairfax County. Patch archive photo
Fairfax County Police are investigating a high school "sexting" ring, a police spokeswoman confirmed Monday.

NBC-4 reported that police say 19 teens and one adult in Fairfax County are being investigated and that cell phones and laptops have been confiscated.

Suspects could face child pornography charges, according to the report.

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Rick Young April 15, 2014 at 11:28 AM
Once again I say EXECUTE all Pedophiles as they are PURE EVIL and do Satan's work.
Wildermann April 15, 2014 at 11:49 AM
Wow, only in Fairfax County would you actually have valuable police time used to investigate teen age play as criminal behavior with the possibility of ruining the lives of some young people with criminal convictions. I'm retired from teaching but still occasionally substitute teach. Cell phones have so permeated the daily culture of school life that I doubt they'll ever get that genie back in the bottle. Some of my sub jobs are in other jurisdictions outside of NOVA. One thing is certain, it is impossible to keep youth from making use of their cell phones during class time. There is a wide range of content the students have access to and being teenagers they are apt to look at what is there because they are curious. I've come to realize that even as a sub teacher, my picture will get taken without my knowledge and shared with other students in the building to let them know they will have a sub later on and who it will be. Regular teachers, school administrators and security personnel are recorded, posted and mocked by many students. The cell phones are used to record student fights in and out of school and posted to You Tube. Provocative and lewd poses are recorded in the hallways and classrooms and shared and as this article says pictures of nudity etc. to the point that one wonders how it could ever be controlled. I don't believe that this kind of behavior is isolated to any one subset of youth but is universal across the spectrum of social, cultural and economic classes. One thing is certain, police investigations and criminal prosecution will be about as effective as radar and speed cameras keeping beltway traffic at 55 mph. Some as yet unknown alternative to policing and prosecution needs to employed. The demand from parents that their children have access to their cell phones in school is lost on this adult that went to school with no such technology and did just fine. Schools still have landlines and today all classrooms have a telephone but ask parents to stop being enablers by demanding that their children have cell phones in school and watch the uproar. Bizarre world!
oldgringo April 20, 2014 at 08:21 AM
So now we're going to charge children with child pornography laws...What won't they think of next?
alan parker April 20, 2014 at 09:20 AM
Wildermann, I agree with all but your first sentence. I can see many, many jurisdictions all over doing the same. But, yes, why use the police for this while cars and homes are being broken into all the time? Rick, lust for someone to be executed is itself evil. Using caps makes it sound like you are yelling. Perhaps you are unwittingly an agent of the devil yourself. It is not for you to decide who shall live and die. Peace, this Easter Sunday. p.s. I will not respond if you come back with more. Enough said.


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