Fairfax County Police to Get New Police Vehicles

FCPD provided information about the new police cruisers during the recent CAC meeting at Franconia District Police Station.

Fairfax County police officers are saying farewell to their old cruisers as the department purchases 127 Ford Police Interceptor sedans and utility vehicles in FY2013.

Retired Lieutenant Chalrie Bond — who is now the director of the logistics and property division for the department — conducted a presentation during a Citizen Advisory Committee meeting in Kingstowne Wednesday. Bond said Ford Motor Vehicles recently discontinued the Crown Victoria Police Interceptors. The 2007 model was the last of its kind.

FCPD has 1,500 vehicles — 762 which are assigned to eight stations, including the stations that serve the Burke area and Braddock District, West Springfield and Fair Oaks.

The current cruisers are large four-door vehicles with a V8 engine and upgraded brakes and alternators. Initially, the current modeled used by the department had fuel tanks susceptible to rear impact and fire. However, Ford corrected that error.

Before deciding to go with the 2013 Ford Police Interceptor Sedans and Utility models, the vehicles went through the FCPD cruiser evaluation, Bond said. The Dodge Chargers and Chevy Capris were also being considered. However, the Ford models scored very high in evaluations. Some of the criteria for the FCPD cruiser evaluation include safety, mileage per gallon and cost.

Safety features on the new cruiser include:

  • 75 mph rear crash tested
  • structural integrity
  • personal safety system
  • level III ballistic door panels
  • safety canopy system
  • side airbags

The new cruisers also went through the Ford courses evaluations and a defensive driving course. The vehicles were voted the best overall in handling and braking and driving in inclement weather, said Bond to CAC members Wednesday night.

According to information provided by Bond during his presentation, the total costs for the new vehicles are:

  • 2013 Ford Police Interceptors Sedans (marked) - $40,148.21
  • 2013 Ford Police Interceptors Sedans (unmarked) - $37,321.64
  • 2013 Ford Police Interceptors Utilities (marked) - $43,020.06
  • 2013 Ford Police Interceptors Utilities (unmarked) - $40,867.06

The department has ordered 119 sedans and eight utilities. Each of the stations will get one 2013 Ford Police Interceptor Utility vehicle. Bond said hopefully all FCPD vehicles will be replaced by 2015 as the department swaps them out one by one as needed. The old cruisers will be auctioned off when replaced.

For more information on the new cruisers, click here.


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