Man Charged with Assaulting a Police Officer in Springfield

Joshua Tastaca, 20, was arrested on New Year's Eve after police found him dancing in the street.

An Annandale man has been charged with assault on a police officer in Springfield. Patch file photo.
An Annandale man has been charged with assault on a police officer in Springfield. Patch file photo.
A local man has been charged with assault on a police officer following an incident in Springfield on Tuesday.

Fairfax County police responded to a call about a suspicious person in the 7600 block of Old Keene Mill Road on Dec. 31. When officers arrived on scene, they found a man dancing in the street.

The officer attempted to make contact with the man, who was later identified as Joshua Tastaca, 20, of Annandale. Tastaca allegedly attacked the officer with a stick when the officer attempted to take the him into custody. Several citizens came to the officer’s aid, according to police.

Tastaca was charged with assault on a police officer. Charges for disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, interfering with traffic and playing in the roadway are currently pending. 

The injured officer was later transported to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries.
keith mahone January 05, 2014 at 03:32 PM
All this guy was doing was dancing in the street on New Year's Eve and this was "suspicious activity"? What fabulous neighbors these Northern Virginians are, dear friends. (Your papers, please!) They might have attempted to learn the rationale for their neighbor's harmless jig and joined him in the performance of it or whisked him out of harm's way, if such an intervention was needed to prevent something untoward he might otherwise suffer for risking such (public!) merriment (like being dragged away by the Goon Squad). But what was their panicked reaction, as they doubtlessly conjured horrifying images of plummeting real estate values with their fearfully acquisitive minds? Quick, call the Fun Police! God forbid that even a glimmer of rapturous joy should break out among them. "Kill it, kill it!" they cry with hyper-civic zeal whenever they see something unusual in their ultra-dignified midst, (like perfect spontaneity or unapologetic originality) for instants. Do not dare to commit the unforgivable faux pas of actually being alive and alarmingly unlike this metastasizing-and-gladly-so tumor of federal, state and municipal employees barnacled over with all its brain-eating, latest-ever gadgets - which un-incidentally defecates its evil spawn unto UVA to learn how to murder God as quicker than possible and which frightfully successful disease makes enduring "love" to itself by having the servants shatter all the mirrors in its curb-appealed dream-house, then stab their incompletely-servile eyes out with the shards in order to maintain some semblance of plausibility. Oh, dance will you? I think not! Let this be a warning to all: If you celebrate a momentary reprieve from insanity on its well-patrolled street the firmly-established establishment will pave you and yours (as per thoughtlessly droning heavy equipment) under that sinister loop of its immutable fascination on its way to its richest and most magnificent self by going precisely nowhere with deliberate inattention and statuesque poise at the speed of complete darkness.


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