Community Leaders Offer Thanks

Community leaders offer a Thanks Giving and invite yours in the comments.

“Thanksgiving is a great traditional celebration of friends and families, and provides an opportunity to reflect on just how fortunate each of us truly is. As we gather to give thanks for all our blessings let us also renew our commitment to making this country and our world a better place for all. I believe that starts with engaged communities and connected neighborhoods, and with a belief that we should always have reason for hope and trust, both in ourselves and in each other.

"To those of you traveling to visit loved ones, I wish you safe passage, and to everyone I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving.”  

"I think too many people complain about the little things in their workplace.  But I’m thankful for the challenges my job offers because through them I learn something new, and often very interesting, every day.  The challenges remind me to be grateful I have a job at a time when so many people do not have the opportunity to work."

Lisa Banks, Executive Director, Fairfax Casa

“Last week, a Fairfax CASA volunteer stepped into my office to share the good news: the foster children for whom she advocates were going to be returned to their family’s care by the year’s end. The mom had worked hard to turn her life around so she could keep her children.  In spite of others who felt differently, the CASA volunteer had written a strong report in favor of the children’s return home. The judge agreed. I give thanks each day for our community’s CASA volunteers, each one determined to lift up the lives of abused and neglected children.” 

Bobbi Longworth, Executive Director,  Fairfax County Park Foundation

“I am thankful to Fairfax County Park Authority volunteers who make our Gold Medal award-winning park system the best in the nation.  The thousands of individuals and organizations that collectively earned the 2011 National Corporate Humanitarian Award are also greatly appreciated.  It is thanks to such generosity that we help fill the gaps beyond tax dollars and fees to better meet recreational needs of individuals with limited mobility and low-income families via our county parks!”


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