County Offers Assistance for Flood Debris Clean-Up

In the wake of Lee, roads still closed, residents still struggling.

According to the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), Hillside Road in Springfield is one of the most extensively damaged in Fairfax County.

VDOT said that some 100 roads were flooded, damaged or closed in northern Virginia during the September 8 rains of Tropical Storm Lee.  Three bridges and four roads remain closed and require extensive repairs.  VDOT says at least another eight roads, while open, also need long-term fixes.

“Work is either already under way or will begin shortly on roads requiring reconstruction,” said VDOT Northern Virginia district administrator Garrett Moore. “We expect most of these roads should reopen within eight weeks, while a few with more extensive damage, such as Hillside Road, may take as much as ten weeks to reopen.”

said in his September 20 The Cook Adviosry that residents who have experienced flooding in their home due to Tropical Storm Lee may be able to obtain assistance from Fairfax County.

Cook outlined several options to defray the cost of removing debris.

"1) If you can haul the debris using your own vehicle, the county can supply a waiver for the disposal fee at the county transfer sites.  

"2) If you do not receive county trash pickup, the Solid Waste Division may be still be able to pick flood debris, although with the level of demand, pick-up may take some time.  

"3) Another option is to obtain preapproval for your own hauler to receive a discount for picking up flood debris. The county will require a picture and an estimate of the weight/volume of your flood debris in advance.  

"4) Homeowners can hire a dedicated company (Got Junk, Junk B Gone, etc.) and obtain preapproval for such a firm to obtain a discount on the disposal fee. Once again, a picture and estimate of the weight/volume will be required. Once preapproval is given, the county must also be notified of the date and approximate time that the debris will be taken to a county facility."  

According to Cook's message, those needing collection and/or disposal of flood-related debris should call 703-802-3322, TTY 711 to discuss their specific situation. 

also invites residents to bring a picture of their debris into the office, where staff will scan it and ensure that it's delivered to the Division of Solid Waste for review and processing.


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