Gallery: Ron Paul Rally in Springfield

Ron Paul supporters came from Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland and Virginia to hear the candidate for the Republican presidential nomination speak at the Waterford in Springfield, Va., one week before Super Tuesday.

A review of the event is available at .

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Mike James February 29, 2012 at 11:25 PM
Agreed, on the surface they do look good and president Obama has addressed several of these types of problems already. What happens when they actually go to work in the real world of suffering. People will suffer very badly and there will be no social contract to help them. As democrats we believe there is a role for government. We believe that the government is there to mitigate against injustice and to promote social harmony. One of the ways that we do that is by social engineering, I call this the tax code..LOL. As a libertarian or a republican, my opinion is that you would believe the exact opposite. By removing the various agencies that help protect the American public, as Dr. Paul suggests, those protections will no longer be in effect. We can always point to some agency that didnt do such an such as a reason to get rid of the whole deal but that ignores for the most part, the government does it's job fairly well. We get a lot of bang for our buck. IMO Dr. Paul wants to go back to some constitutional utopia that he thinks was at the founding of the country. The fact of the matter is, it wasnt like that even to begin with. As democrats we value freedom but also recognise context. We see that letting people just run around willy nilly like isnt good at promoting social harmony. It may make the adolescent in us feel better but mostly it doesnt work well in a complex society.
Mike March 01, 2012 at 02:42 AM
There is that phrase..."social contract." What is that? Where can I get a copy and read it? Contracts are basically an agreement between one or more people who have agreed on something, to create a legal obligation of sorts. I have not seen or read this social contract. What if I disagree with this social contract? I have never signed a social contract. Who enforces this social contract? The coercive power of govt? What if I refuse? I see a social contract as an unwritten fantasy concocted by liberals in taking something from person A, and to give it to person B because it's what the liberal believes it the "fair, and right" thing to do. It "feels" good. Your darn right I disagree with your stated role of government. Exactly what you state is why I support Paul, and others. I kind of hope that your were kidding around with that description of the role of govt. As a democrat, you cannot value freedom while supporting the "promotion of social harmony," "mitigate injustice," and "social engineering." Those points completely contradict what freedom is. If you cannot see that contradiction, there lies the problem with liberal politicians. Liberal ideas are so good, they have to be mandatory.
Mike March 01, 2012 at 02:45 AM
Cont... I am all for rolling back all of this government waste as Paul proposes. There is no way he could have any sort of "constitutional utopia" because there are checks and balances, and people who disagree with him...and that's fine. There is too much centralized power in Washington. It wastes resources, and needs to be trimmed and slashed where needed. The EPA would not go away, nor do I want it to go away, but cut back to its original intent? I can agree with that. How did we all get educated before the US Department of Education? That bloated and ineffective organization has lived beyond its usefulness. There were state level Departments of Education in place before the US DoE. Those are a few examples of govt. waste that can be rolled back. It's not running around willy nilly (though I like doing that after a few drinks!) at all. One thing I need to mention, "the government does it's job fairly well. We get a lot of bang for our buck." You have seen the debt clock, right??? Not being party specific in that statement. But bang for the buck? While we do have our differences, I certainly appreciated the conversation :)
Mike James March 01, 2012 at 02:54 PM
Whether your agree with the social contract or not it's still in place for you to, if you don't like justice and fairness you can opt out, or at least think you have, LOL! Government doesn't coerce you unless you mean they set laws and expect people to follow them, then yes, they coerce you. That's part of the social contract..HA-HA! The social contract I'm talking about isn't anything of the sort you describe. Freedom to me is one that recognizes that there are different contexts for different situations. In the Utopian world people naively believe that we just let everything be free and it will all work out well. This is also trickle down economics that has gone so horribly wrong. This is a fantasy and doesn't see that there are many people who do not have good intentions for others. As we've seen by letting the corporate robbers barons have their way the country, people are suffering. Giving the states power to do what they wish shows us that we would have 50 different countries doing 50 different things. This would no longer be the Untied States of America, it would be the end of America as we know it now. I suspect this is what Dr, Paul wants.
Mike James March 01, 2012 at 02:54 PM
Thanks Mike for the conversation. Like I said I like Dr, Paul and his wacky freedom ideas and I can see why it would be enticing to younger folks and angry people who think the system has failed them. I stand by my comments of what democrats consider themselves to be for this election. We aren't even going to try to win over Dr. Paul's followers or any republicans what so ever. We've seen what they believe and we don't agree with that. This election is going to be about who has the fairest ideas for the MAJORITY of the people of the United States, not a select few who wish to secede from the union or the 1% who have gotten all the breaks without paying their fair share.


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