Lake Braddock Wins 37-23 in Contest with West Potomac

The Lake Braddock Bruins prevail vs. the West Potomac Wolverines during away game.

 Lake Braddock went head to head with West Potomac and won, 37-23, during an away game Friday night. Although the Wolverines started the first half strong, the Bruins' defense gave them trouble after halftime.

During the first quarter, West Potomac's Demornay Pierson-el scored the first touchdown, quickly setting the pace for the game. Kicker Chris Blewitt made the field goal, making the score early in the game 7-0 in West Potomac's favor.

"A lot of us have watched him [Pierson-el] for years, and he's a great player," said West Potomac's Freshman Head Coach Dale Roach.

Lake Braddock's head coach, James Poythress, also said Pierson-el is the best player they've gone up against all season. The West Potomac running back — who also plays safety on defense — was one of Poythress' major concerns going in.

After a Lake Braddock turnover, West Potomac received possession again but failed to reach the endzone. Blewitt also made an unsuccessful attempt at a 3-point field goal, giving Lake Braddock possession of the ball once again.

By the end of the first quarter, Blewitt had succeeded in another field goal attempt, making the score 10-0 in West Potomac's favor.

Before halftime, Lake Braddock made it to the endzone, making the score 16-7.

The second half of the game practically belonged to the Bruins, with them improving their efforts in defense. Their efforts paid off, often forcing West Potomac's quarterback, Caleb Williams, out of the pocket and incomplete passes.

Early in the third quarter, Lake Braddock's quarterback Caleb Henderson — former West Potomac quarterback and a key player in Friday's game — completed a touchdown pass to running back Jong Yoo.

After a successful field goal, the score was 16-14, with Lake Braddock closing the gap and putting on the pressure.

Defense on both teams was tight, with both teams turning over the ball often in the second half. Eventually, Lake Braddock made a breakthrough, scoring a touchdown and field goal and taking the lead for the first time in the game.

Once Lake Braddock took the lead, West Potomac struggled, with the Bruins playing serious defense. Williams had a hard time moving the ball, and Lake Braddock even received two points after a safety during a play.

Once Lake Braddock had possession again, wide receiver Amaris Alexander reached the endzone once again. With the field goal, the score was Lake Braddock 30, West Potomac 16.

With six minutes left in the fourth quarter, the Wolverines struggled up the field while Lake Braddock's pep squad chanted "Thanks for the quarterback," likely in reference to Henderson transferring from West Potomac after his father was terminated as the Wolverines' head coach.

After being sacked and throwing an incomplete pass to wide receiver James Harkless, Williams threw a touchdown pass to Pierson-el. Blewitt's successful field goal made it a 7-point game, Lake Braddock 30, West Potomac 23.

With 15 seconds left, Lake Braddock scored the last touchdown and field goal of the game, making the final score 37-23, Lake Braddock.

This was West Potomac's first loss of the season. They now have a 3-1 record. Head Coach Jeremiah Davis said the team needs to work on making less mistakes during the game.

Next week, Lake Braddock will take on T.C. Williams High in a home game, and West Potomac will go head-to-head in an away game against Annandale High.


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